When selecting our suppliers, we invest a lot of time and care, because their products are the foundation of our business. Short delivery distances, an organic-natural cultivation and thus of course the traceability of the product's origin, are very important to us. Subsequently we present you some of our most important suppliers:


Noting is closer than our in-house produced natural alpine dairy products. Therefore our cheese, the alp butter and other specialities come directly from next door: top quality from the sennästube for the sennästube! If you like to make cheese by yourself in the traditional cheese dairy style, you can book it with us. The products are sold in the sennästube itself and are also a great present.

sagibeiz Lieferanten - sennästube Käseproduktion

Fisherman on the lake Walen

Early in the morning our professional fischerman starts from the sagibeiz-footbridge and brings his fresh catch directly to the sagibeiz kitchen. There the fishes are processed into authentic, honest dishes.

azibene Lieferant - Fischer Thomas

Margrits Paradise

At 5.30 o`clock in the morning Margrit starts her day in Quinten by milking the goats. Then she goes out on the fields and to her garden. In the evening she is working in her kitchen and makes jam and chutneys, pickled fruits and vegetables or brews liqueurs. In her cellar shop she sells her homemade specialities like honey, peppermint oil, wild garlic mustard, goat sausages and wine. At ours you may also take pleasure on her delicacies like her fig mustard. Moreover, we offer special tours for groups (8-16 people) with an aperitif in Margrit's wonderful garden.

azibene Lieferant - Margrith Bärlocher Quinten


It is already the third generation of the family Danner that manages the Marchhof, which is located between Flums and Sargans, very close to Murg. As a result of the advanced milk economy and the right equipement for further processing, the Marchhof fulfills the very high quality requirements for gastronomy as well. We are glad to receive our milk, eggs and other milk products of high quality from this local farm and keep the distance of delivery short.

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azibene Lieferant - Marchhof

Felix & Eugen Bärtsch, winery and distillery

The winery Bärtsch exists since 1932 and is located in Mels. There is going to be another exciting conversion project of a textile mill. Today the bussines is managed from the third generation Felix & Eugen Bärtsch. Own vineyards are maintained with a lot of experience. The climate preferred by the wind allows a harvest of high quality, which is processed with a lot of expert knowledge to quality-tasting wines full of strength an harmony.

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sagibeiz Lieferanten - Bärtsch Weine


We float on On clouds for you. The young, extremely innovative Swiss enterprise On developes and produces the lightest, full cushioned running shoes. The founders, ex-frontrunner Olivier Bernhard, his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, connect the joy of running sports with the striving for perfect products, with which they won design and technologie awards. Quality and design from swiss hands, high comfort for our employees, developed from creative enthusiastic heads, what do we want more?

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Grunzwiler Destillate

Urs Hecht, third generation owner of the family enterprise Grunzwiler Destillate, processes exclusively Swiss fruits. The good collaboration with the at most regional producers allows qualitatively flawless fruits, which are essential for these kind of noble destillates. The maintenance and replantation of high-trunk trees is very important to him.

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The highest quality, the greatest variety, and the art of authentic Italian ice cream-making. The highest quality is achieved through the use of only the very best ingredients. The basic ingredients for the gelati are fresh milk and fresh cream. No artificial preservatives or colourings are used. Product variety is achieved by working together with top pâtissiers and chefs. With their recipes, they set new standards for ice cream manufacturers. The art of authentic Italian ice cream-making is used by the Italian, family-run Gelateria Ghisolfi when making Giolito gelati and sorbetti.

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