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If you've ever fallen asleep over a boring lecture or fast-forwarded through a tedious elearning exercise, you know that creating a great learning experience is harder than it seems. And many of us are teaching, even when it's not in our job descriptions—maybe you have to give a presentation, write documentation, or help your audience understand your product or service. Often you know a lot about your subject, but need help to figure out how to teach it effectively to others. In Design for How People Learn, Second Edition, you'll discover how to use key principles behind attention, memory, and learning to create materials that enable your audience to gain and retain the knowledge and skills you're sharing. Updated to cover the latest insights and research into how we learn and remember, this edition includes new techniques for using social and informal learning strategies, as well as two brand new chapters on designing to promote habit formation and best practices for evaluating learning. Through accessible visual metaphors and concrete methods and examples, Design for How People Learn will teach you how to use the fundamental concepts of instructional design both to improve your own learning and engage your audience.


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Design for How People Learn Edited : Perus Saranurak Universal Design for useful Learning & Education Part 1 : Diversity in Learning 2. Me = Perus Saranurak UX designer for Learning Experiences and Tools BArch Industrial Design @ KMITL Designer in Brand Consultancy MA Design Futures @ Goldsmiths User-experience Design Media and Tools for Learning Design Workshop "เถื่อนเกม ...

Design For How People Learn is organized into nine chapters that walk the reader through the thought processes and tasks of designing learning experiences. It's written in the context of the learner's journey and paired with the instructional designer's quest: how to effectively enable learning for competence. Making effective use of metaphors, graphics and stories, Dirksen covers ...

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