Coconut Phytophthora. Workshop proceedings, 28-30 October 1992, Manado, Indonesia eBook Coconut Phytophthora. Workshop proceedings, 28-30 October 1992, Manado, Indonesia Image


Report on the coconut Phytophthora disease seminarManado, Indonesia, October 1992Introduction to coconut Phytophthora diseasesPhytophthora in relation to climate and coconut cultivarEpidemiological studies on Phytophthora diseases of coconut in north Sulawezi province, IndonesiaCoconut Phytophthora diseases in Indonesia etiological aspectsEvolution of coconut bud rot disease and strategy of controlThe susceptibility of coconut varieties to Phytophthora in Indonesia: the effect of environmental factorsFactors involved in the development of nutfall due to Phytophthora in Côte-d'IvoireCoconut bud rot disease in JamaicaSpatio-temporal analysis of disease distributionDescription of a few methods and initial results on PhytophthoraSpecies of Phytophthora implicated in budrot and nutfall of coconut in Côte-d'Ivoire and IndonesiaPhytophthora in Indonesian coconut plantations: population involvedPresent status of coconut bud rot disease in IndonesiaVariability and specificity in the Phytophthora genus: review of methods using morphocultural characters and enzymatic banding patternsIdentification of Phytophthora isolates pathogenic to coconut and closely related species by isozyme analysis through starch gel electrophoresisRapid specific identification of coconut and cocoa Phytophthora strains through PGI and MDH isoenzymatic banding patternsResearch on Phytophthora palmivora phylogenyThe current state of the taxonomy of the genus PhytophthoraComponents of coconut susceptibility to Phytophthora hevea attacks in Côte-d'IvoireDevelopment of an inoculation test with Phytophthora katsurae, a cause of immature nutfall in Côte-d'IvoireAssessing coconut Phytophthora disease tolérance in Indonesia: development of an inoculation method and first testsNotes on the incidence of Phytophthora infection on coconut cultivars in the PhilippinesResistance of coconuts to premature nutfall in relation to varieties and fruit ageStudy of the performance of different coconut hybrids under natural Phytophthora katsurae infection conditions in Côte-d'IvoireUse in detecting sources of disease resistanceEffectiveness of Fosetyl-Al treatment on immature nutfall in coconut according to the application periodChemical control of coconut Phytophthora diseases in North Sulawezi, IndonesiaCoconut Phytophthora control in Côte-d'Ivoire, assessment of the effectiveness of Fosetyl-Al treatment methods: first resultsPhosphonates, chemical structure, determination, mode of action and mobility in coconut treesMyrothecium roridum and M verrucaria as potential antagonists of Phytophthora spp of coconut


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Conference proceedings : Coconut Phytophthora Workshop Proceedings, Manado, Indonesia, 26-30 October, 1992. 1994 pp.180 pp. ref.many Conference Title : Coconut Abstract : This seminar was attended by the different partners in a network research programme funded by the Commission of the European Communities involving Indonesia indonesia Subject Category: Geographic Entities

Coconut, a perennial palm with a life span of many decades, suffers from a number of biotic and abiotic stresses during various stages of its growth. Microbial pathogens including fungi, bacteria,...

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