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In spite of being opposed alter egos, 102 is a story of two brothers joined by the love of each other, the demise of a father at a young age, and unshaken ideals. Ibrahim and lad had a dream to pay tribute to their dad, their idol. They begin their story by pouring out their deepest emotions since their father's death in 1972 and continue to their 1980s milestone when they both joined the Lebanese Red Cross. What started as a simple homage became an epic journey through S years of ravaging civil war, selfless dedication, and the genesis of an amazing brotherhood. The Red Cross instilled a sense of purpose, nurtured by the atrocities they both witnessed firsthand and the consequences of their altruistic endeavors. 102 Brotherhood. Fortitude. Purpose is not the story of the Lebanese Red Cross. It is the story of Ibrahim and Jad at the Red Cross. It invites the reader to engage with and relive that period through the eyes and words of the two brothers. You will be left with their humble message of endurance, love, comradeship, and forgiveness.


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102 Brotherhood Fortitude Purpose- A story of war and reconciliation; Histoires gratinées- Des mets dans les mots; LA GESTION DES PROCEDURES DOUANIERES; Objectif brevet - tout-en-un 2020; Anglais 5e Connect Palier 1 année 2; Enseigner la litterature en dialogue avec les arts- Confrontations, échanges et articulations entre approches didactiques

Presentation and Signing Ceremony of a Book by Jad and Ibrahim Lahoud . May 9, 2019. The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) organized the presentation and signing ceremony of the book written by Jad and Ibrahim Lahoud, 102 Brotherhood Fortitude Purpose: A story of war and reconciliation, in the presence of co-author Ibrahim Lahoud. This event, hosted by the USEK Library, took place on ...

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