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It's the end of the century and Benjamin Trotter and friends are all grown up. Life is a ceaseless whirl of jobs, marriages, kids — and self-inflicted angst. Despite the shiny optimism of Blair's Britain, youthful hopes and dreams feel betrayed. Is the Government (and by extension Benjamin's MP brother, Paul) to blame ? Or are the Rotters themselves — only passingly faithful to their dreams — really at fault ? The Closed Circle — sequel to The Rotters' Club — takes up the story twenty years on, and proves that the present can never truly be disentangled from the past.


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Home » England » Jonathan Coe » The Closed Circle. Jonathan Coe: The Closed Circle. There is always a question that when an author resurrects an old book and writes a follow-up, he is running out of ideas. This book is not only The Rotters' Club twenty years on but also starts out to do to the Blair government what What a Carve Up! (US: The Winshaw Legacy) did to the Thatcher government ...

The Closed Circle originally ended with a chapter numbered '0', which consisted solely of a cutting from a financial newspaper making clear that the quartet of businessmen known as the 'Phoenix Four', who seemed to have come to the rescue of the failing Longbridge factory, were in fact taking alarming sums of money out of it in the form of pensions and payments for themselves. (£42 ...

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