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This book is a contribution to the building of a knowledge base for the effectiveness of M&E-Systems in the field of development management. The primary focus is to contribute to the clarification of what rigorous frameworks would apply to understand and meaningfully measure M&E-System effectiveness. The book has the aim of translating outcomes from Dr. Ba's thesis research on M&E-System effectiveness into an actionable contribution to better reach development practitioners and managers. The book is mainly devoted to development managers and M&E experts who wish to find superior ways of managing M&ESystems for improved decision-making and measured risk-taking in moving development policies and programs towards the greater freedom and welfare of people mainly in Africa. The book focuses on M&E-System effectiveness and how it influences the dynamic capabilities of development organizations and institutions in managing development programs and projects. The book presents the challenges in seeking an effective M&E-System, examines the gaps and limits in assessing it, and finally proposes ways to rigorously measure its effectiveness. The book may also contribute to the scientific and professional discussions on what would be the meaningful framework to better understand the success factors that underlie an effective M&E-System and also how they help improve development management.


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